Preschool News!

Next week we will celebrate being at school for 100 days!! We have already hit that mark, but the weather closings kept us from celebrating 😙 Next Thursday we will be making a trail mix snack!! Each child will need to bring in a 100 item snack such as m&m’s, raisins, pretzels, marshmallows etc. Let me know what you want to bring so we don’t bring the same things!! We will be doing a lot 100 th day of school activities next Thursday as well!! This week we learned about letter Qq, all around the world, our country and where we live. The children love doing music and movement exspecially our brain break games! Next week we will continue to learn about different places around the world!! We would like the children to bring in a family photo by next Wednesday to show and tell!! We will be putting the pics on our family tree as well!! Reminders: Monthly tuition is due by February 1, 2022! Thank you for all you do!! God Bless!!