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Preschool News

Reminders: All wrapped gifts are due by this Friday! Please bring in a gift that matches your child’s gender and you may write your child’s name on the back of the gift. Below I have the list of signed up items for our giving class party. Luca- Muffins, Lucas (Glazed Donuts) Luke (fruit tray and juice boxes, Liberty ( Meat and cheese tray), Isla (carrots, chips and dip. If there is anything else parents would like to bring for their child to share let me know thanks!! Santa Claus is coming Christmas Eve to our Sanctuary at 6 pm! You are welcome to bring your child to see and the children all have learned the Happy Birthday Jesus song. All the children that come every year sing that song followed with a candle light service celebrating Christmas!! Show and tell letter Ll this Thursday!! Next Monday December 20th Class Party and Tuesday December 21st we will have Christmas Pj Day, popcorn and a special Christmas movie!! No school December 22 through 24th!! We will return to school the following Monday!!

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