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AUGUST 8-12TH Class News!

This months theme: All about me, my family and my school!

Show and tell something that starts with letter Mm on Monday!! Don't forget!!

Wednesday: Bring in a family photo to add to our class family tree!

Reminders: Clear book bags are to be used for belongings or large ziplock bags.

Classroom project and family involvement: We are creating a store in our classroom to teach children role playing skills and social and emotional development. Please save small food boxes you have at home and send in. We are looking for items that will fit on the shelves with food labels on them. We have a cash register! Anything you have that might be an enhancement for the project, please feel free to send in thanks!

Also, we are adding more dress up items to home living center as well! If you have items at home that could be used for dress up, please feel free to do so. Thanks for everything!

We are excited for this new school year and we have new students coming on board! Thank you have a blessed week!

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